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MAJIMAJI SELEBUKA is a cross cutting event which involve trade fair, cultural & social activities, sports events, tourism and other activities which has been part and parcel of the life of people in Tanzania, particularly Southern Tanzania.

It is aimed at not only to expose the goodness of the Southerners but opening doors and opportunity to many Tanzanians and other neighbouring countries such: Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia. The event is open to every one and the organizers, invites various stakeholders to participate in the events.


Tanzania, like many developing countries, has potential of utilizing available resources and make the country advance more in various sectors and improve welfare of its people in terms of; economy, services, education, health, living standards, life expectancy, etc. With Globalization, there is no way a country can develop in isolation, thus interactions with outside world is inevitable.

The general objective of Majimaji Selebuka is to provide awareness on potentiality which the country and its people have, expose the goodness of Tanzania, especially southern part and assist the locals to lead the front line towards economic, social and cultural advancement, through interactions with outside world such developed and developing countries.



The Majimaji Selebuka 2018 will involve various activities such as:

  • Trade fairs and entrepreneurship,
  • Schools Debate
  • Traditional Dancers,
  • Local Tourism,
  • Men & Women Marathon,
  • Cycling
  • School Home Coming days (Songea Boys, Songea Girls and Kigonsera)
  • Majimaji Selebuka football Match



The Majimaji Selebuka is jointly organized by Songea-Mississippi(SO-MI) in association with Tanzania Mwandi Company Limited. The organizers aim at placing Songea in the global map in: economic, social and cultural events for the benefit of Songea, Tanzania and its people.


The Majimaji Selebuka is a series of events which involve various activities as planned by the organizing committee. Majimaji Selebuka 2018 shall take place between 14th to 21st July 2018, in Songea. Therefore your company/organization is hereby invited to partner with the organizers and make this event more successful in its fourth season 2018.

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